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School Facilities

BISSE has designed well-thought-out and state of the art facilities that will cater to your child’s needs and ensure that he or she is provided with a conducive and supportive learning environment.

Our school boasts modern facilities for our students:

01 Library

The Library space is light and welcoming, creating a warm and engaging environment for students to immerse themselves in the world of books. A qualified librarian leads weekly library lessons and guides students and teachers in choosing books and reviewing content to support learning.

02 Science Laboratories

Our science lab is designed to provide students with industry-standard facilities to really immerse themselves in the wonders of science. The science lab is well laid out to promote active learning opportunities and ensure that students are able to take charge of their own learning and discoveries in a safe and secure setting. Our students love to experiment, they learn from hands on experiences, making and seeing things happen right in front of them.

03 Classrooms

All classrooms have comfortable desks and chairs, overhead Projectors, whiteboards and display panels for their accomplishments for the day. Each classroom in preschool has its own toilet and sink, with compatible heights. Toilets are equipped with handrails for those that require the support. The classroom is set up to ensure that different seating options are available for different needs and for the types of learning the student responds to. In one corner you will see a writing station working on fine-motor skills, you will see beanbags for reading, a sensory corner, an exploration centre, ipads and individual worktrays for IEP (Individualised Education Plan) and art supplies.

04 Life Skills Lab

Life skills lessons are integrated in classes and specific therapy sessions as part of our goal to help our students to become independent and positive citizens of their country. ADL (Activities for Daily Living) take place in the life skills lab, as students learn to iron, sort laundry, sew, clean, make a bed, set a table, and prepare a meal.

05 Sensory Rooms

We are all sensory beings, as we use our senses to explore and process the world around us. Our sensory room allows students of all abilities to have a safe and stimulating space that will address their varying sensory, self-regulatory and behavioral needs. The sensory room is used with intention and is guided by the occupational therapists so that students get what they need from their time in the room .

06 Soft-play Rooms

The soft-play area allows our students to explore, run, jump and play in a safe space. Movement is important for all students to regulate themselves. Teachers use the space for intentional movement breaks, to gamify lessons and for physical education lessons, for anything from obstacle courses to free play. Allowing children free play, allows the teachers to safely teach social skills while the students develop their gross and fine motor movements.

07 Kitchen Lab

The kitchen lab is an active area for students to explore healthy eating and food preparation. Students are taught about nutrition, how to prepare food safely, learn how to make basic meals and master life skills. The kitchen lab is designed for ADL (Activities for Daily Living) and to enrich the curriculum. A student might struggle to understand fractions in a classroom, but they will understand the concept more if they need to follow a recipe. While they might learn how to make simple meals, the students also learn important life skills, health and safety, and get to link academic concepts to real-life experiences.

08 Art Classroom

Our Art room is an explosion of colour and fully supplied with materials for students to explore a range of 2D and 3D art projects. But, beyond this, the art teacher and class teacher work closely together to infuse learning with art. Students explore science, maths and even language through art projects.

09 Sport Facilities

Indoor sports are offered in the Multi-purpose hall (MPH) which can cater for handball, basketball, badminton and volleyball as well as doubling up as a large meeting and celebration event venue.

010 Play Area

Students are able to benefit from a dedicated covered play area located next to their classrooms where a range of equipment allows for exploration and collaborative play. Therapists and teachers guide the students in social and play skills as they learn to take turns on the play equipment. While the trampoline can be used as a strategy in a students’ tool box to help them regulate, it can also be used as a reward, structured or free-play. Classes use this area to learn social skills (taking turns, apologizing, playing alongside others, making up games, making friends), get to move and even have a picnic.

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