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Middle & Upper School & Post 16

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Students move into Middle School from Grade 7 onwards and further build on their core knowledge and skill in subjects such as English Language, Maths, Arabic, Islamic Studies, Science and Arabic Social Studies. The work completed in this phase of the school supports students in making their first real choices about their future education pathway with learners able to continue with our US curriculum program. The goal of the Upper School and Post-16 transition program is to develop life skills that will help our students as they strive towards adult life. The life coach and vocational team focus on the students’ functional academic skills such as counting, following procedures, planning. Students spend time in the classroom, in the lifeskills labs, kitchen, garden or on field trips visiting different places of work to learn and understand what awaits them in the future.

These skills are then applied by working in the areas of the school such as the Thrift Shop, library and canteen which are then integrated to the students’ daily tasks such as grocery shopping and making schedules and appointments with the end goal of acquiring independence and maturity whether at home or living alone.