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Elementary School

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Elementary provision covers Grades 1- 6 and builds on the foundation learning of the Pre-school program. Students are introduced to our US curriculum model in a range of subjects centred around the California Common Core Standards. These standards allow progress of individuals to be tracked on a regular basis with support mapped in along the way to ensure no learner is left behind. Tailored assessments provide learners and parents with clear information about areas of strength and also highlight areas that may need more attention or focus.

Maths, Science, English, Arabic, Islamic Studies, Science and Social Studies are taught alongside Physical Education, Art and Library. Lessons are dynamic but structured. Information is broken down and reinforced and repeated in different ways. Students work according to their individual ability. We meet a child where they are and build on their strengths.

The focus in elementary school is to prepare the students to learn strategies to cope in a bigger classroom, to close the learning gap and prepare them to deal with the social and academic requirements of a mainstream school. The IEP helps track the gaps and the strategies. Therapy push-ins, pull-outs and strategies help the child adapt and improve their readiness skills.

Lessons developing functional skills and ADL (Acitivites for Daily Living) continue to benefit both students who will be moving on to mainstream and those who continue on the pathways offered at BISSE.

Aine Clarke

Vice Principal KG & Elementary

Ireland is where I grew up, always playing school and wanting to be a teacher. I attended the University of Galway and qualified as a Geography and Irish teacher in 2011. I loved my time in the classroom and when curiosity got the better of me, I returned to University of Maynooth, to complete my Masters in Educational Leadership. I began my first leadership position in a starter residential school in Co. Galway. Before joining the team in Britus International School, Bahrain, I worked in the United Arab Emirates as an Deputy Cluster Manager- Academic Advisor.

During my time in Dubai, I led on educational reform and change management as well as establishing, developing and improving teaching and learning. I implemented a nationwide e-learning collaborative practice during the Covid-19 Pandemic. I believe in lifelong learning and I will model my ethos for the students, teachers and parents of BISBH. I am excited about this new chapter in BISBH and it is an honor to be involved in this educational journey.