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We are here to support students and families throughout their time with us and to provide them with social and emotional support wherever necessary. We know that at different times, young people experience challenges that they struggle to deal with. Our School Counsellors are there to help and work closely with teachers and therapists to ensure student well-being remains a high priority. When working with students, parents are always a key partner and our School Counsellors work closely with them to provide additional support in school and at home. We see this approach as real partnership where the student is at heart of everything that we do.

Counselling looks different for each child, depending on their ability to communicate, rationalize, and relate. Counselling might be in the form of playing games, reading stories, one-to-one, small groups, girl clubs, boy clubs, check-ins, morning welcomes or afternoon check-outs depending on the needs of the student. Our school counsellors are active in all areas of school, from the point of admissions, to the IEP development, class placement, parent meetings and support plans. They are integral in pulling the team together to make sure the childs’ emotional needs are being met.