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A Britus Education School

With economic, technological and social landscapes rapidly changing, leading international educators and organisations such as the World Economic Forum and the Global Partnership for Education have shared their studied views on the fundamental skills and competencies needed by students to succeed in tomorrow’s world.

As such, we are committed to ensuring all our Britus Education students are equipped with the following:


Self awareness &
Management Skills


Skills for social awareness &


Communication &


Critical thinking skills


Research & creativity skills



We have a growing family of distinctive schools, each unique in offering a world-class educational experience while rooted in its local community



With a focus on the MENA region, we currently have schools across KSA, UAE, Tunisia and Bahrain, with plans to welcome schools in new countries to our family


K-12 Curriculums

We offer a range of reputed international curriculums, including the British Curriculum, US Common Core Curriculum, IB Diploma Programme and Egyptian Curriculum

The Britus Education Method

Every day,the world’s challenges grow more complex, calling for greater ingenuity to address them.

At Britus Education, we aim to harness that ingenuity within each and every child. Not just to prepare them to live in a world that demands adaptability, but to empower them to become empathetic, self-confident leaders who innovate through those challenges and create opportunities for generations to come.

Our Ethos

Our experience – supported by world class research – is that there is no limit to what each child can learn and achieve.

We help each student discover and nurture their individual talents – whether through academics, sports or the performing arts. Every child is different and we aim to not only build on their individual strengths and passions, but to give them the motivation to overcome and master areas that seem challenging at first.